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Committee 2023


Committee-2016-17 Inserts

Committee 2017

Back Row: Gwyn Hughes, John Griffiths, Lucinda Smith, Arfon Williams, John M. Davies, Ifor Williams.

Front Row: Mary Meldrum, Kevin Slattery, Eric Smith, Elan Rivers, Vicky Macdonald.

Insert: Nigel Bannermann, Adrian Hughes.

Committee 2016

Committee 2016

Back Row :-Nigel Bannermann , John M. Davies , Adrian Hughes , Ifor Williams , Gwyn Hughes.

Front Row , Vicky Macdonald , Kevin Slattery ,  Eric Smith , Mary Meldrum , John Griffiths.

Inserts – Arfon Williams , Elan Rivers.

committee 2015 with insert.jpgaa

Committee 2015

Back Row :- Kevin Slattery Vice Chairman, John M. Davies, Adrian Hughes, Tony Hobson, , Gwyn Hughes Webmaster, John Griffiths Media Technician.

Front Row , Vicky Macdonald Art / Web Design , Eric Smith Chairman, Mary Meldrum Treasurer, Ifor P. Williams Sectretary, Elan Rivers Librarian,

insert – Nigel Bannerman .

2014 Committee cropped

Committee 2014

Back Row :- Kevin Slattery, John M. Davies, Tony Hobson, Ifor P. Williams , Gwyn Hughes, John Griffiths.

Front Row , Fiona Richards , Eric Smith , Mary Meldrum , Vicky Macdonald , Elan Rivers,

insert – Bob Barnsdale .

Deganwy committee 2014-2015

 Committee 2013

Back row:
Ifor P.Williams Sect., Eric Smith Chairman  , Bob Barnsdale,  Kevin Slattery , John M.Davies .

Front row:
John Griffiths Media Technician, Treasurer , Vicky Macdonald Web Design, Fiona Richards vice – Chair. Elan Rivers Librarian, Mary Meldrum Treasurer , Gwyn Hughes Webmaster.


2013 Committee

Committee 2012

Back row:
Ifor P.Williams Sect., Gwyn Hughes Webmaster , Eric Smith , John M.Davies Grant Co-ord. Kevin Slattery , John Griffiths Media Technician.

Front row:
Faye Macpherson Treasurer , Elan Rivers Chair. Vicky Macdonald, Fiona Richards vice – Chair.

Inset Arfon W.Williams Librarian.


2012 Committee

Committee 2011

Back row:
Neil Hilton vice Chair., Gwyn Hughes Webmaster , Jason Weyman Chair , Eric Smith , Stuart A.Rivers. John Griffiths Media Technician.

Front row:
Fiona Richards , Elan Rivers Ifor P.Williams Sect. Vicky Macdonald, Pat Rarcliffe Treasurer.

Inset Arfon W.Williams Librarian.

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