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Ifor and Anne save Vardre picture


When History Group Secretary Ifor and his wife Anne saw a huge photograph showing the Vardre and the ruins of Deganwy Castle in a temporary exhibition at the National Museum of Wales in Cardiff they asked what was going to happen to it afterwards.  To their horror they learned it was  to be scrapped.
To see such a fine picture destroyed was too much for Ifor so he set about thinking how it could be used in the area of the landscape it portrayed.  He could have it free of charge provided he removed it when the exhibition ended.
Ifor, being a man who rises to a challenge, then set about the task of finding how it could be transported from South Wales to North Wales.  Although the picture was in four sections it was much too big to be conveyed by car or train, so a large van seemed the only solution.  Ifor used his initiative and asked a favour of the Linney Cooper carpet company who responded by saying they were shortly to make a delivery to Bristol and the van was coming back empty.  On seeing Ifor’s plight they agreed to make a detour to Cardiff, pick up the picture, and deliver it to Llandudno General Hospital, without
cost, where it had been agreed with the Matron for it to be fitted just inside the main entrance by the in-house maintenance team.
Thanks to Ifor’s timely actions there is now an attractive picture occupying the whole of the hospital entrance wall depicting the Vardre and a montage with the theme “Letter from the Front” written in conflicts from 1245 to 2003.
Eric Smith    June 2014

20141023 – Ifor and Anne save Vardre picture pdf

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