Parish Boundary Stones



Boundary Stone

Many people walk past the boundary stones of Llandudno without noticing them. Some have been almost obscured by modern road improvements but they once marked an important dividing line between the parishes of Llandudno and Eglwys Rhos (which included the village of Deganwy).

Following the snaking boundary marked by these stones from the Promenade to St. David’s Place was the subject of a short History Group walk on a warm June evening led by Fiona Richards who happily explained its significance with the aid of an illustrated hand-out and map. The stones were carved with L L P on one side and E R P on the other to indicate the respective parishes.

It was impossible to keep to the exact line because it was originally established before some of the houses and hotels were built.

Parishes were the main administrative units in the 19th and early 20th centuries and, although they have no purpose today, the boundary stones dividing them are a visible reminder of our interesting local heritage.


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