“Flying Foam” with Debbie Wareham

“Flying Foam” wreck at West Shore , Llandudno.

Flying Foam walk ….with guide Debbie Wareham

Debbie with Flying Foam model

Debbie with Flying Foam model

Many thanks once again to Debbie Wareham  for leading the walk last evening to the wreck of the Flying Foam.  I think the whole occasion went very well and your idea to have a short recap talk followed by some “group participation” could not have been better.  As I mentioned, I have been very surprised how so few lifelong residents of this area had not seen the wreck or knew anything about the Flying Foam, despite the efforts of Ships’ Timbers and the publicity given in the North Wales Weekly News last year.  From the perspective of the History Group, you can be assured that all members are now aware of this bit of local maritime history.

 Eric Smith

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