In the Footsteps of the Roman Legions

A Talk by Councillor Terence James – 19 April 2018

A packed roomful of 58 members and friends of the History of Deganwy Group had the opportunity to hear Roman Britain brought to life on April 19th 2018 by Conwy Town Councillor, Terence James. Cllr James is a teacher, lecturer and social psychologist, with a particular interest in history seen from the psychological point of view. He delivered an extremely informative talk focussing on motivation and incentives from the time of the Claudian invasion of Britain in AD43 and concluded by looking for evidence of Roman presence in the Deganwy area.

Terence James

Cllr James also brought artefacts dating back to 800 BC for the audience to view. These included coins from the time of the emperor Augustus onwards, surgical instruments, pottery, and decorative items such as rings and torques. He also produced an extremely fearsome (replica) sword during the talk, the use of which he demonstrated most dramatically. After a round of questions, the audience left considerably more knowledgeable than when they arrived.

If you want to read more on this subject, extensive draft notes relating to the talk can be found in the Deganwy History Group Research Articles.

Lucinda Smith

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